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Have you ever experienced highway hypnosis? Or have done something without really thinking about it. The consciousness is an interesting part of the human mind and the way that we think. It often times can become extremely complex when we begin to analyze it. It happens to me at times that I reading something, I know that my eyes are following the words yet my mind drifts off and begins to image something else but I keep reading. Well these are a little bit different than our reading on Carter and William’s but it was something that I was thinking about while I was doing the reading. Both authors address our conscious state of mind, giving us examples on how our conscious mind interprets situations that we are in and the environment around us. Carter’s article is very interactive and we get good hands on view of what the eye sees and how our consciousness remembers it. We have the scene where we are asked to recall the shape of the table legs and other details from an image (Carter 13). Carter goes on to describe the “illusion” of seeing which at first glance a little ridiculous but seemed after doing several of the tasks that Carter talks about in the reading I began to believe it. “The more complicated an incoming stimulus, the longer it takes the brain to process it”, (Carter 18) this was something that at first seemed to be very obvious but when we begin to elaborate the concept begins to deepen. Our conscious state, the fact that our mind is in taking information for example the scene in a room doesn’t guarantee that we actually know where everything is or what the details in the scene actually are. Seeing something that is more complex requires us to actually stay, stare, and analyze to be able to walk away with an image in our minds that are accurate. This does make sense because James in “The reality of Perception” says that our mind picks what it wants to perceive. James’ analysis of the way in which our mind mends and glues thoughts together is one that is amazing. The fact that our mind “melts” these thoughts together and we know what we want to say before we actually say it is fascinating when looking at the amount of information that our eyes take in and how we seamlessly operate while in taking information from our surroundings.

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  1. Dominique says:

    The way your impressions seem to have shifted from the first blog to this one is fascinating!
    In the future, please cite from James–to reduce the entire chapter on “The Perception of Reality” to “the mind picks up what it wants to perceive” feels a little too general. Develop this by citing and discussing a specific claim that seems especially significant to the argument of the chapter.


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